You Are Worth _____

What is a person’s worth?

I’ve had two recent thought-provoking interactions with people whom I was serving in my job role as a third-party service provider. Two dramatically different responses to my actions. These responses came to me after I provided the service I was paid to provide, at the highest level of professionalism possible. But, because of errors made by the primary vendor (not my company or me), both of these interactions were less than positive. After the one I was made to feel totally stupid, unappreciated, and worthless; after the other, I felt appreciated and understood.

What gives?

I read crap on social media that people say and support, like: “they are stupid,” “a very low IQ person,” “God hates you,” “a dog,” and “a despicable person.”

Where do people get off talking about (and to) other people like this? Why do some people think it’s ok to do this?

I am sure that there are a myriad of answers to those questions. Allow me to submit one simplistic possibility – I believe it’s because our world is becoming more self-centered than ever before. And with that comes a dilution of the innate worth of any other person.

Some people don’t engage in conversation anymore because they can’t stomach another point of view. Instead they launch into nasty tirades on social media because they can get instant “followers” that way and they don’t have to put up with opposing views in the process. Or they launch into a demeaning, bullying lambaste of a service provider at their front door simple because they don’t care about anyone else but their own self.

Now, don’t misunderstand me – humanity has the capacity to do some pretty disgusting, stupid, and despicable things. Even good people fall into those mistakes from time to time. But, that doesn’t make them “despicable,” it just makes their decision to take that action very wrong. And that’s where some people get it wrong…they transfer the descriptive label from the action to the person.

I believe in the inherent, innate, and ultimate value of the human person. That means that I can’t afford to swap the labels from action to person.

As I was leaving a job a few years ago, at the going away party the company hosted for me, my boss stated that “Trevor always treats people right.” I hope I never lose that.

Simply because you are worth everything.

– Trevor


Kiss Me

The power of a kiss.

We work hard, long hours. Sometimes it feels like we meet each other coming and going. Oh, wait, we do.

We struggle to clearly communicate sometimes. With little together time (when we are both awake), that communication happens over text and phone calls. Motives, emotions, and body language are all assumed in that scenario.

With this, and so much more, we always make sure to kiss.

A kiss has an amazing power to refocus and connect. Emotions calm, feelings settle, words soften, and body language becomes more open.

We always kiss. We don’t always feel like it, but we always do.

*st*risk (the misplaced update)

While reviewing my blog, I discovered this post from a couple of years back which I failed to publish. It obviously is dated and doesn’t match the calendar, but it’s still applicable.


Father’s Day.

It’s been an awesome day filled with love and joy. Surrounded by my loving wife, beautiful daughters, awesome son in law, and two granddaughters – one of which is only 1 week old – we have loved and laughed.


I have carried with me an asterisk. There in the back of my mind. There in the scar tissue part of my heart. The * ties itself to everything I am and attempt to do. The * that changes the way I’m viewed.

A faithful husband – with an * of past failures. A nagging memory that won’t go away. I know she feels it, too.

A good dad – except for that awful * that haunts my efforts to lead my family. I fear they feel it, too.

Well, * is what * is. This “holiday” has been a tad tarnished. For me anyway.

Tomorrow will be a new day with new mercies. I will trust that He will bring some new healing and strength.

Maybe in time the * will shrink in its influence and power over me.


The Love of a Woman

We are still a thing. We are still together.

You might say it’s an answer to prayer. Or a miracle. Or luck. Or hard work.

You would be right in all that.

I say it’s also because of the love of a woman.

The love of a good woman who daily reminds me of the good in my world and my life. That love keeps me focused of the most important priorities and helps me ignor the temptation to dwell on the lesser and harmful things around me.

The love of a faithful woman who continues to walk beside me in true companionship. That love keeps me grounded in the right relationships.

The love of a Godly woman who displays a heart that longs to know more about her Father and grow in His grace. That love points me to my ultimate worth that transcends all earthly existence.

We didn’t know if we would make it through the first days of this journey…then the first weeks…first months…but now a few years into it, we continue to live and love each other in the midst of this journey. Due, in large part, to love.

The love of a good, faithful, and Godly woman.

My wife.

My treasure.