Officer Black Channels Anne Frank

“How wonderful it is that no one has to wait, but can start right now to gradually change the world! How wonderful it is that everyone, great and small, can immediately help bring about justice by giving of themselves!…You can always – always – give something, even if it’s a simple act of kindness!”
Anne Frank in “Give”, March 26, 1944

Thank you, Officer Black!!


Blown Out Of The Nest

A few evenings ago, during a lull in a major system of thunderstorms which were rolling across the area, in order to avoid getting doused with rain and hail, I was making quick work of the task of securing one of the buildings on my work campus, when I ran across the lifeless little bodies of two baby birds laying on the cold, wet sidewalk. They were not yet old enough to fly, for their feathers had not yet fully grown out. It was kind of sad. I stopped and listened for a mother bird who might be calling for them…I looked toward the sky to see if I could see a flying parent overhead. Nothing.

Just the quiet calm.

Swallowed up by even more threatening storm clouds swirling overhead.

This brought to mind the many storms of humanity that swirl around us all. I don’t know about you, but I grow weary of it all. Our world has become so polarized, so sure of itself, so full of its own truth in the sound of its own thoughts that come cascading out of its mouth. My FB newsfeed is continually littered by crap that does more to build walls than bridges. The bluster of all of the opinions and prognostications that litter our airwaves and etherwaves…that infect our brainwaves…and have the power to dramatically alter our life.

Some, in fact, are blown out of the nest, never to be heard from again.

What would it be like if every person, in our own individual time and place, started bringing some calm and clearing to the storms that surround us? What if we all started treated every other person with the utmost care and concern with which we would like to be treated? What chance would storms of hate and intolerance have of surviving that kind of sky-blue-clear world like that?

Sometimes life feels like the weather…of the last 31 days this month, I have only had 4 without rain.

I’m ready for the sunshine.


Screaming Into The Wind

Screaming into the wind
Of this existence
That seems to be pulling
And twisting and tangling me

Screaming into the wind
Of this life
That seems to be blowing
Hope and joy away with its bluster

Screaming into the wind
Of this marriage
That seems to be lacking
The strength to blow away the junk

Screaming into the wind
Of this faith
That seems to only
Be happy in considering me “fringe”

Screaming into the wind
Of this work
That seems to blow away
My passions and motivations

Screaming into the wind
Of this mind
That seems to never find
The peaceful rhythm it seeks

Screaming into the wind
Of this journey
That seems to be devoid
Of understanding and open friendships

Screaming into the wind
Of this life
That seems to only be cyclical
Dreams buried in the soil of monotony

Screaming into the wind
The howling wind
That seems to tear and tatter
The form and life of this man

Screaming into the wind
Barely hearing
The sound of my own ragged voice
Begging, pleading, hoping, crying

Screaming into the wind
Will this worm
Ever find hope, joy, and new life
Inside this claustrophobic cocoon?

Oh, for a calm from this howling wind
Oh, for a respite for my failing voice


Eye to Eye

Seems to me, if you want to know the real me, look me in the eye.

Want to hear my backstory…my eyes speak volumns.

Want to learn of my talents, skills, and abilities…they sparkle in my eyes.

Want to begin to understand my passions and calling…my eyes reflect the needs.

Want to unlock my motivations and drives…my eyes hold the key.

Want to embrace my fears and tears…begin in my eyes.

Want to experience my joys and exuberation…discover them in my eyes.

I believe that no “heart to heart” understanding will ever exist between two humans, especially those who may have diametrically opposing points of view, without beginning with eye-to-eye interaction. For, in some important ways, being eye to eye isn’t about agreeing, but simply learning.

First, it requires close physical proximity. No “virtual” connection behind which we can hide or remain anonymous, at least to some degree.

Second, it acknowledges that the other side of the interaction is actually a human being. Not a theory, not a belief, not a movement, not a sin. A living, breathing human being.

Third, if we are serious about true engagement and learning, then it will require that we exercise major discipline. The act of simply keeping our mouths from spouting off along with listening closely are major hurdles for many.

Fourth, it facilitates clarification. The back and forth of conversational flow happens best in this type of setting while looking in another’s eyes.

Most importantly, the eyes are the gatekeepers of the heart. In the deepest ways and on the most important issues of life, we don’t enter into one another’s hearts unless we first look into each other’s eyes.

I am a man…a husband…a father…a grandpa…a Christian…gay…in a mixed oriented marriage…chaste.

But as complicated as all that is, there is much more to me. But, you will never know unless we get…

Eye to eye.



Bursting from the deepest recesses of the soul
Flooding and overflowing the heart
Washing over the mind
Penetrating into the very fibers of the body

Feeling the strength and warmth
Feeling the pulse and pound of the heartbeat
Feeling the love course in
Feeling the stress ebb away

So many hurting
So many missing out
So many passing up the opportunity
So many longing for just one…right now

Count me as one of the many

I need one

For my soul that is lacking
For my heart that is longing
For my mind that is cluttered
For my body that is weary

I long for one

A hug



One plus one
Four minus two

Simple equations
Learned in one’s youth
Rediscovered as a power
Even to an eternal degree

May the thoughts of me
Which you harbor within
Be of shrinking, dying negatives
And growing, flourishing positives