Second only to love, forgiveness is the most powerful force known to man.

Both for the forgiven and the forgiver.


The Love of a Woman

We are still a thing. We are still together.

You might say it’s an answer to prayer. Or a miracle. Or luck. Or hard work.

You would be right in all that.

I say it’s also because of the love of a woman.

The love of a good woman who daily reminds me of the good in my world and my life. That love keeps me focused of the most important priorities and helps me ignor the temptation to dwell on the lesser and harmful things around me.

The love of a faithful woman who continues to walk beside me in true companionship. That love keeps me grounded in the right relationships.

The love of a Godly woman who displays a heart that longs to know more about her Father and grow in His grace. That love points me to my ultimate worth that transcends all earthly existence.

We didn’t know if we would make it through the first days of this journey…then the first weeks…first months…but now a few years into it, we continue to live and love each other in the midst of this journey. Due, in large part, to love.

The love of a good, faithful, and Godly woman.

My wife.

My treasure.


Ground Zero

I was at Ground Zero. In the eerie silence of a city teeming with millions, I looked into the abyss and tried to imagine the agony of that moment. So many would never see what would rise from the ashes in that place just a few feet away. New beginnings…new resolve…new commitments.

We visit Ground Zero to remember, then rise again.

Every day I am at my Ground Zero. In the eerie silence of my hectic, noisy life, I stare into the abyss and relive those painful moments that brought my world crashing down. So many see only the destruction. But, I am living new beginnings…new resolve…new commitments.

I visit my Ground Zero to remember, then rise again.

And I will.