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Why we need a little Advent

Powerful words. Let it be so!

Ben Irwin


Easy listening stations have been pumping out wall-to-wall Christmas music for almost a month now. Still, that’s nothing compared to 2001. In the wake of September 11, one station near me started airing holiday music in early October because, as their jingle reminded listeners every few minutes, “We need a little Christmas now.”

Yet for all our rush to get to Christmas, in about four weeks we’ll be scrambling to put it behind us with similar haste. Today, that same local radio station is reassuring listeners that its usual mix of adult contemporary pop will return the minute Christmas is behind us.

We’re not very good at waiting for Christmas—or lingering over it, when it finally comes.

I think one reason it’s hard to wait is because we’re hoping for some kind of respite from the world—the kind of respite Christmas seems to offer. We want to come in from the cold, even if…

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