Forgiveness = awesome.

Reconciliation = priceless.



Giving Thanks

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Our apartment was full of family devouring all kinds of delectable foods. We sat back rubbing full bellies, wishing we had room for more.

But most satisfying of all are the hearts filled with love and happiness.

Of all the things I have to be thankful for, family is the most precious.


Thank You

One of those days when you really wonder if anything you have done has mattered.


She is in ministry, something she never really dreamed of…
He is up front leading the congregation in reading scripture…
She is a passionate minister with dreams of ministry that connects…
He is really grown up, playing guitar and helping lead worship…
That van is full to overflowing…
His singing reminds me of his simple prayer in an old pickup truck…
That family is now in His family…

And…it’s all HIS doing.

So, now instead of wondering, I simply say…

Thank you.



Transgendered Awareness November 2015

I agree.

prayer for trans deadI believe we are blessed to live in a time when we are more openly and gracefully speaking of our sisters and brothers who are transgendered, but I also realize that many of our precious neighbors and family members still face stresses, threats and dangers that the majority of us do not recognize or understand.

It’s November, and November 20th is an awareness day to remember our fellow transgendered human beings who have died: Transgendered Day of Remembrance.

If you wonder why we have a special day like this, please take a moment to peruse articles that educate us on the threats and stresses facing our trans friends and family: murder, suicide,teen homelessness and violent crime.prayer of safety for trans

The conversation about transgendered men and women has gone mainstream and we all know the names of celebrities and public figures who have made their transition in various levels of…

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