Signs of Life

Setting up the old camper and pitching the tent.

Large trees providing a canopy from the summer sun.

Leaves rustling in the breeze.

Songs sung by countless birds.

Airborne beauty provided by fluttering butterflies.

The aroma of cooking bacon and sausage.

Roasted marshmallows over a smoky campfire.

Cool humid nights.

The insistent song of the cicada.

The sleepy swing of the hammock.

The joyful exploration of a toddling grandchild.

Hot coffee on a dewy morning.

Fruit pies baked over hot coals.

Swatting mosquitoes.

Raccoons venturing to investigate for tasty morsels.

Avoiding poison ivy.



Listening to The Beegees and ABBA.


No agenda.



Getting away. Awesome.

Camping with the family. Priceless.



2 thoughts on “Signs of Life

  1. Nothing more natural than pitching a tent.
    Beware those fluttering butterflies always going to and fro.
    Can’t argue with the aroma of sausage.
    Racoons? What, no burly bears to speak of?
    There we go, The BeeGees and ABBA, more my style.
    When life gives you camp, build a campfire!

    Sorry couldn’t help but have fun with this one.

    Sounds like you had a great time reconnecting with your family.

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  2. I found camping WITHOUT family but WITH friends to be far more fun and enjoyable. Less fights, arguments, and troubles, more having fun, learning of each other and doing things that made everyone happy. I really loved the stories at night around the fire as people talked about themselves, their wants, needs, feelings, and being totally open and sharing. Hugs

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