A husband who gives all he has to show his loving wife just how much he loves, cherishes, and respects her.

A man who works tirelessly to learn more, embrace new challenges, take on the imperfect in order to be given the chance at higher positions for the good of those who depend on him.

A guy who believes in God and believes that He loves him. But, sometimes he feels like he is the black sheep of the family that no one wants to talk about, unless it is to simply point out all negative things.

A man who, in spite of his portrayed confidence, keeps deeply hidden a nearly overwhelming sense of self-doubt.

A guy who breathes and sees behind this mask known as “Trevor.”

A person who in some ways is much more transparent than ever before, and more secluded than ever in other ways.

A guy who is intelligent, funny, personable, caring, selfless, and determined.

And yet…

Sorrow swallows my memories

Loneliness devours my peace

Depression taints my dreams

Hopelessness envelopes my passions

Countless flaws seemingly outnumber attributes

Still, I will…





In the cocoon, in my own way, in His time…

I remain.



3 thoughts on “iRemain

  1. I am sorry you feel like the black sheep. You are grand and wonderful and doing your very best. Anyone who thinks different is not someone you should even concern your self with. They don’t understand, they do not want to understand, and they are not up to YOUR standards you impose on your self. You have high, very high standards, and sadly many people will not be able or willing to go to that high standard. Hugs

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  2. The expectations we place on ourselves are never beyond reach. What others expect of us is their problem. We will do all that we can, even lay down our lives for those we love. It is a reward in itself. Trevor remains because you need him. Nothing out there gives you what Trevor does. Until you can consolidate (only you know the IF and WHEN) Trevor is a vital part of your sanity.

    Many warm hugs. My hat is off to you.

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  3. These words resonated to deeply within me too. For the longest of times, I used to feel like the black sheep of my family (born deaf, sexually abused, accepting my sexuality) but over the years I’ve worked a lot on myself and I am finally our of that phase. Time does heal a lot of things and in the meantime we can only persevere and be patience. Good things comes to those who wait… šŸ™‚

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