When Words Aren’t Enough. Or Just The Perfect Fit.

I am continually amazed at the power – or lack thereof – of words. It is kind of crazy how some thoughts communicated set off a firestorm in other people when that was not our intention or expectation. At other times things we say or write are expected to be highly impactful or controversial but end up having little to no reaction.

As I share my life in cocoon, no matter the reaction or response, it is my heart that I share. My successes. My struggles. My weaknesses. My hopes. My temptations. My commitments.

In a way, in each one of my posts I’m offering to you…a little piece of me.

As I read the musings of others, I have come to believe that in spite of our great differences, so much of what makes up a person is about being heard and understood. It is not even so much about being agreed with, although there are those who insist on uniformity of thought (they would be in the minority).  My reading is the simple exchange of an idea, a belief, a feeling.

Those readings are a receiving of a little piece of you.

I have been and continue to be powerfully impacted by some of what I read. Not so much by some other. I’m sure you feel the same. It is my hope that in something of mine that you read you will find something that will ring true for you and help you.

But, really, I’ll never know the full impact of my words. Whether they are insufficient or highly impactful.

The point?

The unknowing cannot dictate my sharing.



6 thoughts on “When Words Aren’t Enough. Or Just The Perfect Fit.

  1. Things we say may have more impact than what we write only because our tone will additionally affect the listener’s interpretation and therefore their reaction.

    Words written and left to be read by the masses will affect and cause a myriad of reactions due to the reader’s interpretation.

    But neither the spoken nor written word is of any aid when kept to oneself. Keep sharing yourself. Keep posting.

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  2. You have absolutely no idea how much your words can have an impact on others. Sometimes we write things, not aware of the impact of our words, and someone somewhere will read your words and will be affected by it. I know I certainly am! 🙂 Thanks for sharing a part of your life..I learn a lot from it.

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