My Christmas (in July) List

An unfailing sense of trust to invade my wife’s heart and mind.

A confidence that I am loved by my brothers.

The vitality of a relevant faith community.

No more change for a while…I need a little more routine.

A connection with my mother that is not judgemental.

Success, fulfillment, and happiness for my children…both the straight and the gay ones.

That Christians would stop “unchristianizing” each other.

That this gay man and his straight wife will experience the most blessed of marriages.

That when I attend church, the couple standing in front of me won’t be feeling and squeezing each other’s butts.

That I will be able to offer someone some help for their life challenges.

That I will be loved…for who I am in spite of what I am.



One thought on “My Christmas (in July) List

  1. Great list! Certainly attainable…in due time. Well, all “butt” the ninth one. Straight folk simply have no self-restraint. They are blind to the world revolving around them. They exhibit this behavior in public to no end as if everyone welcomed such expressions of…desire? Call me gay, but I find it revolting.

    “I am sick to death of straight people. Tell the truth, aren’t you? There’s just too goddamn many of them. I was in a bank the other day; they were everywhere – writing checks, making deposits. Two of them were applying for a mortgage. It’s disgusting! They’re taking over. No one wants to talk about it, but it’s true.”
    -Buzz Hauser
    Love Valor Compassion

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