The Duggars, The Jenners, And The Growing Exodus From Christianity

Good insight!

john pavlovitz

Sometimes revelation comes in just 140 characters.

Tonight I had another Christian tell me on social media that he was okay with Josh Duggar fondling young girls “because he repented”, but has a big problem with Caitlyn Jenner, who he said was willingly sinning and being “sexually deviant.” The former he sees as a typically flawed believer restored and deserving of our forgiveness, the latter as an unrepentant, dangerous presence in the world who needs to be condemned and called out.

As we talked more, my virtual friend’s comments clarified the duplicity of his position: a child molester is excused because he’s said sorry to God (even though he and his family concealed the activity until recently exposed), however a transgender individual is clearly immoral by openly seeking to be the most authentic version of herself she believes is possible. One engages in criminal activity and still gets the benefit of the doubt, while the other operates completely within the law and is still vilified…

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One thought on “The Duggars, The Jenners, And The Growing Exodus From Christianity

  1. I agree with the thinking of your friends post. If religion is to relevant In society today it has to offer comfort and peace, but it can not try to dispute sciences just for the sake of appearing to be opposed. There is a great place for faith in peoples life, but it is in the areas that are beyond the knowing. Give science its due, and let the church return to offering hope , joy, love, acceptance, fellowship, and a willingness to listen and be a friend. That is my non theist view. Hugs


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