Blown Out Of The Nest

A few evenings ago, during a lull in a major system of thunderstorms which were rolling across the area, in order to avoid getting doused with rain and hail, I was making quick work of the task of securing one of the buildings on my work campus, when I ran across the lifeless little bodies of two baby birds laying on the cold, wet sidewalk. They were not yet old enough to fly, for their feathers had not yet fully grown out. It was kind of sad. I stopped and listened for a mother bird who might be calling for them…I looked toward the sky to see if I could see a flying parent overhead. Nothing.

Just the quiet calm.

Swallowed up by even more threatening storm clouds swirling overhead.

This brought to mind the many storms of humanity that swirl around us all. I don’t know about you, but I grow weary of it all. Our world has become so polarized, so sure of itself, so full of its own truth in the sound of its own thoughts that come cascading out of its mouth. My FB newsfeed is continually littered by crap that does more to build walls than bridges. The bluster of all of the opinions and prognostications that litter our airwaves and etherwaves…that infect our brainwaves…and have the power to dramatically alter our life.

Some, in fact, are blown out of the nest, never to be heard from again.

What would it be like if every person, in our own individual time and place, started bringing some calm and clearing to the storms that surround us? What if we all started treated every other person with the utmost care and concern with which we would like to be treated? What chance would storms of hate and intolerance have of surviving that kind of sky-blue-clear world like that?

Sometimes life feels like the weather…of the last 31 days this month, I have only had 4 without rain.

I’m ready for the sunshine.



3 thoughts on “Blown Out Of The Nest

  1. I find for me the first place I must calm and drive way the storm clouds is inside me. Once I have done that I can see the world much clearer than before. Second I so agree with you we are so passionately divided these days. I am a part of that my self, in my views in politics and how people should be treated. I would hope we could agree to treat each other civilly while disagreeing and I try, I really do, but I find I must push back against those who I feel hurt people as hard as they push against me. It becomes like to horned Rams butting heads constantly and not solving anything. So the question becomes how to help, how to give your opinion with out being an arrogant prick who cares more about what I think and want than trying to really help others to move to a better place. How do we make the world a better place with our poisoning the well our self. It is no secret I am not a person of the christian faith, but it is also true I can understand and feel fellowship with Christians even as I disagree with their faith. I can value them as people, with out having to agree with their faith. I support the personal right to any faith as long as it is not forced on others or forced in government. I had a childhood friend who was big in church who often wanted me to go with him. I told him I would fight for his right to go to church even if it was an unpopular one, and i would even drive him to the Church and walk him to the door, but please don’t try to make me go inside….respect my choice as I respect yours. now today I post a lot of stuff that seems against church and faith, and yet my only point is how it is being taken from the personal life and forced into the public life. SO that makes people think I am against church and faith. I am not. That is the polarization I face and the dark storm clouds and winds I face. I do not have the answer. I hope you find your calm and peace. Hugs

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