Gay ≠ Lesser

Good thoughts…important questions.

Another Anomaly Among Many

I recently sat down with one of my friends to catch up on life, and the reflections that I had after that conversation are the basis of this post. Now, I generally try to refrain from writing angry/irritated posts just for the sake of it, but I’ve been realizing that if this blog is going to be about my experiences, it has to include everything, because other people have probably felt those things too. So I’ll try not to just go off on everything, but what I write here is going to encompass all the different things that I’ve felt and experienced.

What I’ve been thinking about since my friend and I had that conversation is this: why do people automatically view us as being somehow dirtier, more sinful, and less sincere about our faith just because we identify as LGBT? Why do our theology and our motivations get questioned…

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One thought on “Gay ≠ Lesser

  1. I wish I could relate to this religiously but I can not. However I can relate to this on a human level. After I got out of the service I just did not care who or if anyone knew I was gay. I had faced it in the military and had dated and had even a several year relationship. Having dealt with being gay in the military in a time when it was not legal, I learned it really did not matter to me personally what other people thought. However I did lay down the law when I met Ron and we agreed to live our lives together. I told my homophobic jerk of a family that they would treat him as well as they treated my brother in laws and my sister in laws or else I would walk out the door and they would NEVER see me again. I made sure they all understood that my love for him, and our life together was more important to me than my family ever was. They agreed and came to understand. But you have to be willing to stand your ground and demand the respect due you.
    Best wishes and hugs


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