Shift Happens: Why American Christianity Dying, Is A Good Thing

Perfect description of the awesome – or terrifying (depending on your mindset) – opportunities afforded to the Church in these days.

john pavlovitz

Bud growing

Today a friend posted this piece that’s been making the Interweb rounds this week.

The author contends that the Evangelical churches, possessing “authentic Biblical Christianity” are actually not dying, but the Mainline, more Progressive, more permissive, more malleable churches. He cites the recent Pew Research Center study stats, showing Evangelical churches shrinking by only a couple of percentage points, (which he deems a sign of victory in view of the comparatively larger declines of the Mainline and Catholic communities).

It’s a perfect example of the kind of “lemonade” being made by some more Conservative Christian folks these days in response to the exodus of the American Church. The author ends up doing the kind of clever spin-doctoring that seeks to carefully control the dire narrative, arguing that while people are indeed walking out, they aren’t really leaving Christianity, just the “near Christianity” that those other churches are brokering in.

While that seems like a reasonable argument to make…

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