Bursting from the deepest recesses of the soul
Flooding and overflowing the heart
Washing over the mind
Penetrating into the very fibers of the body

Feeling the strength and warmth
Feeling the pulse and pound of the heartbeat
Feeling the love course in
Feeling the stress ebb away

So many hurting
So many missing out
So many passing up the opportunity
So many longing for just one…right now

Count me as one of the many

I need one

For my soul that is lacking
For my heart that is longing
For my mind that is cluttered
For my body that is weary

I long for one

A hug



2 thoughts on “Hug

  1. Despite the great variety of hugs, the one common factor is connection. To feel the physical, emotional, spiritual connection with another empathetic soul. A seemingly harmless gesture that can aid one in pain or further harm if denied.

    Grand poem. Great post.
    Much love and many HUGS!

    Liked by 2 people

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