Love Wins:LGBT

Here is a ministry that a friend of mine leads. God is using him to do great things. His ministry is expanding. Because of the high demand for his message, he has had to add staff to help with the traveling and speaking engagements. It is exciting to see how God’s love is so powerful when it is simply applied to all of life’s situations, sexual orientation included.



Thank you, my friend, for daring to unconditionally love the LGBT community!!



One thought on “Love Wins:LGBT

  1. I was thinking as I read this and your thanking your friend that you are also doing just what he is. You may not be directing a church or preaching a sermon, but by living your life honestly, and by blogging of all your successes and your fears, your struggles and your enlightenment’s, you are sharing a sermon more powerful that just the words. You are sharing life. Isn’t that what faith is really about, life and living it better, happier, more for each other, and accepting and loving? The strong helping the weak, the ones with most, giving to those with less, finding a better us tomorrow than we were today. It is the showing how to live this life that is the most powerful testament that ever could be done. Anyone can speak the words, it is much harder to live the truth. Best wishes and many blessing for you. Hugs

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