I Will Speak

This was written by an aquaintance of mine. It is simply too good not to pass on.

“Sure, I could be silent. 200 years ago, people said the same about slavery: Just shut up. I’m sorry, but this won’t go away, whether I speak or not.”

“But for the sake of the voiceless, I will speak. For the sake of those who are being kicked out of the church by the legalists, I will speak. For the sake of those who prayed endless nights to be “changed” but were not, I will speak. In fact, for the sake of Christ Himself, who recognizes nothing of His own Spirit in this homophobic, heartless and legalistic bunch, I will speak. Perhaps, just perhaps, some will finally listen. And show the compassion that should be the very heart of the gospel, rather than laws that have never been able to save anybody.”

“Amen” or “Thank You” is simply not sufficient.

Count me in!



2 thoughts on “I Will Speak

  1. I think that a true measure of a person is if they will speak up for those who need them, are less fortunate than them, or are ones who others look down on. Just as the deity Christ spoke up for these types of people, so should his followers. You are not alone Trevor, no matter how much some religious leaders want to make it seem you are. There are a lot of people learning to speak up. I thank them and I stand with them, and you. Speak everything in your heart, listen to the sounds of love, and you will be surprised how many hear you. Hugs

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