Vapors & Mists

Vapors & Mists
By: Trevor

Vapors and mists
That appear for just moments
They are born out of and then
They are burned away
By the stresses of life

Faces and voices
Which swirl and envelope
That enter and exit
My consciousness

Existing in my waking and
Walking around world
Living even still in my
Sleeping and dreams

Of faces
People in the past
And in the present
Countenances that speak volumes

Of voices
That carry many messages
Of mistakes of the past
And doubts for the future

Of faces and voices
From several and sundry
Places and worlds
Which have intersected my own

Of faces and voices
Each one
Vying for my attention and allegiance
Professing to have the truth

Of faces and voices
Some of which
Are easily forgotten
And others linger still

Of vapors and mists
I must recall
That they appear
And are soon gone

Of faces and voices
I must entreat
To stay on the fringes
And not feed defeat


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