Shouting Into The Wind: Words From The Hearts Of Christian Moms With LGBT Children

Dear Church:

Please read and listen to the anguish expressed.


Thank you!

john pavlovitz


Five months ago I sat down on a quiet Wednesday morning to write this blog post, sharing how I would respond if I found out that my children were gay. My hope was to try to humanize an issue that my fellow Christians have largely dehumanized, and to try to set the table for productive new conversations, using the commonality of love for family, as our starting place.

I couldn’t have imagined where those eleven hundred words would take me, both literally and figuratively since then. They brought me into the homes and iPhones of millions of people throughout the world in a matter of weeks; to CNN, and Atheist radio shows, and coffeeshop tables across from Southern Baptist pastors, and Gay Christian conferences, and living rooms of local families, and to all sorts of disparate, yet equally holy patches of ground.

This week those words took me to one of the most sacred spaces yet; a private online support group for…

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One thought on “Shouting Into The Wind: Words From The Hearts Of Christian Moms With LGBT Children

  1. Thank you. I read this and was so moved I reblogged it to my TOY BOX. I can not believe the way some of these people, these parents and children were judged by folks who claim that one of their tenets of faith is to not judge. Lets leave the judging to other beings personal lives to a much higher power than us. Those of us on this plain of existence need only learn to help each other, try to understand with out reservation. We have a powerful choice in this world, we can either help each other and lift each other up to the next level, or we can ignore others and perish having gained or learned nothing. many hugs and thanks for posting this.

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