25 Years

1,304 weeks and 3 days.
9,131 days.
219,144 hours.
13,148,640 minutes.
788,918,400 seconds.

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon on this day 25 years ago, my fiancé and I looked into one another’s eyes and pledged our commitment to each other.

During all the time that has passed, we have been best friends and soul mates.

Companions on a life journey that has seen the mountain top and the deepest valleys.

We’ve had our share of issues, and still do.

Our marriage is far from perfect, a fact we have learned to embrace.

But, in spite of those challenges, it is solid.

Our love is genuine.

The commitment remains.

To my ever faithful wife – “I love you! Happy 25th Anniversary!!”



4 thoughts on “25 Years

  1. I add my congratulations. I also am on the way to my 25th year. I agree with what you wrote. We have great times, and low times, we have such deep moments, and times when we are angry at each other. We would yell at each other and then later do all we could to make the other happy. We are two people living a life of one. What is important we have found out is that the happy times, and the important moments are clear and stand out in our minds, and the bad times or times that were not so happy seem to fade and become distant. I hope the same is for you. Hugs

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