Piece By Piece

Life is a puzzle.

Unimaginably unknown and endless.

No picture box to guide one’s work in piecing it together.

A puzzle without number of pieces, extravagant in its splashing and smashing of shape and color. Emotions and feelings all crushed together and pulled this way and that by circumstances and temptations. Decisions and commitments immediately challenged as to their ultimate placement in the never-ending mural. Shadows and vapors of people who move in and out of the framework, leaving behind enough residue so to never be forgotten. A deity that seems to invade the very essence of the masterpiece, oozing from the core of one piece to its edges, and then onto the next placed pieced, infecting the whole. Pieces held in one’s hand, a shaking and indecisive hand that has endured great pain and which experiences great uncertainty. Never knowing for sure, certainty is a dream. Each piece taken in hand by the puzzler, considered, placed or laid aside until a later time.

No picture box to guide one’s work in piecing it together.

Unimaginably unknown and endless.

Life is a puzzle, pieced together.

Piece by piece.



5 thoughts on “Piece By Piece

  1. The puzzle that is Life. A strategy game that is puzzling and often leaves you puzzled. But one that can be strategically satisfying. Learning to appreciate how the pieces fit together to reveal a section of your life, though still incomplete, is only part of the game. Hasten to force the pieces into place and you may muddle it further.

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  2. Life is a puzzle often changing and being changed. Each piece played sets up new pieces. I feel it is more important we understand the “peace” we play in the puzzle than the whole finished work. What I am trying to say is we are both parts of the puzzle and the ones trying to figure out where the pieces go. As such our very attention to one part affects the whole. It is a never ending puzzle that was going on before we came and shall go on long after we have stopped playing with the parts. Very seldom do two people have the same pieces to play and when they do it is a special event, however some times it happens. Most of us rarely even are aware of the other players and their pieces. thank you for this post, it is most enlightening. Hugs

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