Bucking The Trend

This is a little bit scary.

Ok…it’s a whole lot scary.

“Only one-third of couples in [mixed-orientation] marriages attempt to stay together after disclosure (of one partner being a sexual minority)…of the one-third that try to stay together, only about half are together at about 3 years…while a sizeable minority of people may find themselves in a mixed orientation marriage…(estimates that some 2 million people in the U.S. are or have been in mixed orientation marriages), most do not stay in this kind of marriage.”

The above quote comes from a thoughtful series of blog posts about mixed-orientation marriages.

My lovely wife and I are doing our dead-level-best to buck the trend and not be a part of the negative statistics.

What a ride.



5 thoughts on “Bucking The Trend

  1. Hello and I agree with Oscar. I know a great man, a teacher, and saver of children. He is gay and his wife knew. However they lived together for a very long time until she died in old age. He loved her, she loved him. He still loves her.
    Look numbers may be able to give percentages. They can’t tell about motivation. Personal motivation. Love of two people for each other.
    So don’t be discouraged. Don’t move to fast on assumptions. In fact let the love you have for your wife and her for you guide you. Always. See I think you have something most couples don’t have, something many couples lose, something that many dream of. The fact is you really love your wife. You prove it every day you deny your sexuality and stay with her. From what you say your wife really loves you. That will be the saving grace for both of you. I do wish you the greatest hopes and dreams in this world. Hugs

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    • Thanks, Mike!

      It seems like it becomes more apparent on a daily basis how incredibly tough the rest of our marriage will be. Yet, I believe we will reach a place of happy contentedness, but there will always be the elephant in the room.


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