I Miss It

I miss the trust we had in each other.

I miss the confidence we could face anything together.

I miss the easy acceptance we had for one another.

I miss the openness to speak help and hope into your life.

I miss the faith we had in each other’s motives.

I miss the deep level of intimacy we once enjoyed.

I miss the ability to guide you in your spiritual journey.

I miss hearing “I love you” without any hesitation in your voice.

I miss holding you without feeling you pull away way too soon.

I miss it.

I miss it like hell.

I miss us.



10 thoughts on “I Miss It

  1. This seems to be originating from some hurt.
    My marriage also faces some troubles and I have fluctuated in my ability to trust, and in doing that, I have caused her ability to trust me to be compromised.
    Sadly, I didn’t go into mine without baggage and I should have dealt with me before expecting her to have to. Life is complex…two lives are exponentially more complex.

    I hope it all works out for you 🙂

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  2. Trevor, this post is like the others; full of deep emotion, thought provoking, and transparent. You inspire us all to live likewise. However, I was surprised at one line that seems out of place with all else I have read. You said, “I miss the ability to guide you in your spiritual journey.” I think that if you ponder this, you may see why I am surprised. Of course, I am a woman who has come to a place that I no longer believe that it takes a man to cover and guide me spiritually. I guess I have no idea where your wife might be in this same journey, but it is hers. And, I am making an assumption that you are speaking of your wife. You might be speaking of a child. In that case, forgive my presumption. As always, thank you!

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    • Traci – It is about my wife and our marriage that I write in this post. In the specific line that you reference, my point is that because of my failure in breaking my marriage vows I have lost an important place in our relationship, both as her husband and as her pastor.

      Thanks for following and commenting!! 🙂

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  3. Been there, Trevor. The best counsel an incredible friendss shared with me at the time was “to simply love me.” Processing loss and healing takes a different course and amount of time for each of us. Forgive yourself and realize that life is, in part, about learning — as painful as it can be.

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  4. To forgive is one of the greatest gifts one can give another. To forget hurt or harm is one of the deepest loves one can give. I hope you find this place you feel you lost, just remember many never had such a place in their relationship, and so perhaps finding it again, working toward it will bring you both closer together and is the way your Deity is trying to heal your divide. Many hugs and much happiness for both of you.

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