50 Shades of Gray(ing)

Tomorrow is the day. I turn 50. Five decades. One-half century.


It’s not that I’m afraid of the age 50, because I’m not. I feel real young. I am blessed with good health and a vibrant mindset. But, I admit that I am kind of melancholy today thinking back upon the past. I wish I had loved better…listened more intently…given more generously…lived more graciously. I’ve missed too many opportunities to get it right, too many chances to do it better.

But the bigger question is…has my life mattered?

I believe it has. In spite of my faults and failings – and there are many – my life has been spent in providing for, supporting, loving, and leading my friends and loved ones to better lives. People know my love and the love of Jesus because of my life.

Last night, my wife hosted a surprise party for me. I was genuinely surprised at the number of people who came out. Our house was packed full. But more important was the genuine love and grace that was shown to me by that group of people, many of whom know my sins in great detail.

My goal for the one-half century that is before me – and, yes, I tell my wife that I’m going to live to be 100 🙂 – is to be a world changer. In my world. In my circle of friends and family. Through this blog.

I want them to live grander.

I want YOU to live grander.

Tomorrow, I begin.



10 thoughts on “50 Shades of Gray(ing)

  1. OMG! I love this!! You are turning 50…what a wonderful milestone! Want to wish you a very happy birthday! I love it that you got a surprise party with genuine and sinere friends. What a testament to who you are as a person. Have a brilliant day and here’s to 50 more years! 🙂

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  2. Congratulations on turning fifty. It is a great age. It is the age you can look back at the things you mentioned and honestly adjust things in your life to improve those things. I my self am happy with every year I get older as it was never thought I would live as old as I already am. I look forward to every day as a day I may be able to do something for some one that that will make a difference in their life. Maybe it will be a smile they need when they are are stressed out, or understanding when the waitperson where I am eating is over stressed and pushed past being able to do enough to please every cranky person they are waiting on. Maybe it will be simply holding a door for someone who has their hands full. Yes I am excited for you. You have such a wonderful bright chance to do so much in the coming years. I love it. Many best wishes and lots of hugs.

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