Let It Out

2014 is quickly drawing to a close.

It’s been a year full of all kinds of things, people, and experiences. It’s usually during these waning days of our years that we mentally review what the year has held. We remember, rejoice, and regret.

That’s breathing in.

I don’t know about you, but I need to move forward past all that stuff. Not just move on, but move forward. Forward to an even healthier and happier 2015.

That moving forward…that’s letting it out. All so the new can be embraced and breathed in. So in these few remaining hours of 2014, I choose to let it out.



4 thoughts on “Let It Out

  1. Hello Trevor. I raise my glass of wine to you in hopes that the old year falls behind you with no strings attached and that the new year comes in with all your hopes and dreams intact. I hope the new year gives you a heart filled with joy, a spirit filled with the energy of the world, a healthy body that doesn’t fail, and a love of family and friends that gives you warmth in the coldest of days. Thank you for your posts, and I wish you the very best. Hugs

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  2. It’s the perfect time of the year to do just so. Let it out. Move forward. Reminds me of a great song by Joe Crow called Compulsion. My favorite cover of this song is by Martin L. Gore.

    “Got to move on sometime
    And it’s about time
    By putting one foot in front of another
    And repeating the process
    Cross over the street
    You’re free to change your mind
    Strength through diversity
    Couldn’t have put it more plainly
    Got to move on sometime”…

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