Is It OK for Christians to Identify as Divorced?

Good food for thought.

Spiritual Friendship

A Catholic friend of mine is divorced. He has not sought—and does not believe he could obtain—an annulment. His ex-wife is still living and in good health, so he expects to remain single for the rest of his life.

Moody Radio recently asked the question, “Is it OK for Christians to identify as gay and celibate?” The host’s answer seemed to be no. It would seem, if we follow her logic—and the logic of other critics like her—that it would also be wrong for my friend to ever say, “I am divorced.” Doing so would involve defining himself based on something evil: “I hate divorce,” God says (Makachi 2:16).

For obvious reasons, I don’t follow Christian debates about remarriage and divorce nearly as closely as I follow debates about homosexuality. But I am not ignorant of them, either. And so far as I know, nobody—no matter where they lie on the spectrum…

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4 thoughts on “Is It OK for Christians to Identify as Divorced?

  1. I am sorry but I read the whole post and I can not “like” it. It seems to me it comes from the idea that one thing God created he hates enough to want them to live in misery and pain, to suffer alone. Sorry but that is not the understanding of any deity I would follow. I believe in the right of everyone to follow what Gods they wish so if this is a person choice, so be it. However I resent it being pushed on to anyone. No one should be forced to deny who they are and by saying yes I am gay but to follow what is natural and normal for a gay person because it is so horrible to my god I must cut off that part of me, refuse to allow themselves the natural joy a normal gay life can bring, That I must be forced to live a lonely life all alone, well to me that is the sin. The idea of expressing the normal and natural joy in life, and yes gay life, is a grand one. That is what bothers me. The attempt to make being gay and expressing and living a loving life with another same sex person as some how deficient or bad. It is not. If we are all created by a deity than that deity wanted me to be as I am and he wanted me to be happy and share my life with a willing adult consenting partner. I wish you the best but this person who wrote this seems to be self hating to me, not accepting of who he is and the god who created him to share that with another person. Best wishes and hugs.


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