We are inextricably linked.
With someone.

Along with that awesome power comes tremendous accountability.

We influence. It humbles.
We impact. It motivates.
We inspire. It cautions.
We counsel. It instructs.

I am relatively new at blogging. For those who have been around awhile, this is old hat and really no big deal. But for me, it’s pretty amazing that –
* I have followers in 22 different countries of the world.
* That I can connect with people from such a wide range of life experiences…gay, straight, architect, university professor, national weather service, Catholic, Protestant, poets, researchers, authors…to name a few.
* That among all my interactions, I’ve been able to share the pain of a blogging friend who recently lost his father to the insidious disease of cancer…to weep as I read his posts, and to pray for him and his family, and the great honor to encourage a college student who also struggles with mental health.
* That so many have shared very important life insights with me…that I’m learning from them.
* That I’m finding that I’m not alone in my journey.


My blog is an important way for me to process and work through issues in my life as a gay man but also the issues in the life lived by me and my wife in our mixed orientation marriage. It is also my hope that I will be able to share some wisdom and insight with those who interact with me just as I am learning from them.


But my links are not just my Life In Cocoon.

My links include my family. We laugh and love. We stress and cry. We enjoy and endure. We figure it out one day at a time just like you. We also celebrate new things. Just this week, I’ve initiated a new tradition. We always gather on Sunday evenings for a family meal with those who are still “at home” and those who are grown and gone. The new tradition is that everyone must bring an inexpensive food item which they have never had before and the entire family with try it together. Yesterday was the inaugural event. It was a rousing success. Strengthening the link.

My interaction with my faith community…both personal and virtual. Links.

My relationships with my employer and my employees. Links.

Strong links.

Strong life.



9 thoughts on “Links

  1. You have amazing insights into your own particular life. I was married for 5 years and as a gay guy pretending to be straight, it was insanely tough…so I can very much imagine what you are going through.

    I love how we can share our life experiences and transcend cultures and geographical boundaries! Keep on writing my friend! 🙂

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  3. Hello as a gay man in a long term loving relationship I have a few thoughts about your post. A great post I want to add. As to the start, the true power in any relationship is the one you never need to use. I say this because in our relationship people see me as submissive to Ron, he handles our finances and he is the one I turn to with questions and things I want. However what they don’t see is the way he always gives of anything he has to make me happy, to protect me, and to keep me well. Sometimes Ron has to tell me no, but it always breaks his heart to and he always finds a way to get me what I want or what I wanted to do. The thing is if there is an problem if I start to cry, Ron melts. The most powerful power is the one you never have to use.

    You mention how the links to others have helped you. What you may not realize is how much others enjoy, love what you write, and gain from yours. your ideas are great. This post you wrote is really grand.

    I love the new tradition you created. What a great way to get people back together, socializing and being close. I hope it is a tradition that far more people use. Many hugs and I wish the best for you and your family and your future posts. Scottie

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  4. Great stuff man! I’m looking forward to reading more and watching your growth. As a new blogger, myself, I to am learning from interacting and following other people’s stories. It’s amazing stuff! Keep up the good work 🙂

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