Broken Together

“Maybe you and I were never meant to be complete
Could we just be broken together?”
(Broken Together – Casting Crowns)


9 thoughts on “Broken Together

  1. Dammit Trevor, you’re lucky I have a water-proof case on my iPhone! That video has me leaking all over the place. It’s too early in the morning for tears. 😭

    From what you’ve shared on this blog, I imagine this song and video were tailor-made just for you. Beautiful, heartfelt words. Beautiful images woven into a heart wrenching tale. Reminding me much of my parent’s life together. Always on the verge of divorce. Yet somehow, they just celebrated their 51st. year of being broken together.

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  2. In a way I think we all live broken together, as not one of us is perfect, and we all see reality a little different, through the lens of our own desires and wants. Some time being able to walk together broken together is what makes us really complete. Maybe it is that act that accomplishes what nothing else can. I wish the very best for you. Hugs

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  4. I LOVE this song! Even though I’m not married, I feel like it represents a better view of marriage then happily ever after, and that really speaks to me as a someone who is gay but holds to traditional marriage.

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