Risky Business – Follow-Up

Whew! OK…that went really well.

Last week, I wrote about “Risky Business.” Today was the day that my pastor and I met at a local burger joint and shared some time together. He listened as I talked, he asked questions and I answered. I was very transparent about my current circumstances and very raw faith. I gave him an “out” in allowing him to tell me “no” to the behind-the-scenes I’ve volunteered for. He showed himself to be a deeply concerned, caring, and loving pastor. He assured me that he wants me to minister “in any way” that I want to. I was very pleased to sense his heart that is anything but condemning.

I am convinced that the Church (the Body of Christ) was well represented today in our exchange.

I’m very grateful.

Other people receive what is represented by this fictional letter from “the church.”

Of this I am convinced…His Body can do much better in reflecting His heart. Today, I have hope that it happens…maybe more than we think.

We are all watching.



6 thoughts on “Risky Business – Follow-Up

  1. Great news indeed!

    Just a small reminder that not all humans are bad people. I’m glad to hear that you will be allowed to partake in a community you believe in, even if just behind-the-scenes.

    May this venture bring much deserved happiness and fulfillment into your personal and public life.

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    • Thank you for the timely reminder, blogging friend!

      There are times in all of our lives that we need someone to slide up beside us and remind us that there is a flip side to the coin…a silver lining to all our clouds…and that there are lots of loving people around us. Thank you for taking the “cue.”

      And…thanks for the wishes of good days ahead! 🙂

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