Planting A Tree

I planted this tree today. It’s a very small one. It had sprouted up next to one of my storage sheds. I thought, instead of just pulling it up and discarding it, I would see what would happen it I transplanted it to a more ideal location. So, I got my shovel and carefully dug it up, cautious to keep its roots intact and undamaged. I then dug a hole in my chosen spot, put some loose dirt in the bottom of the hole, then placed the little tree’s  roots in the hole and gently compacted some soil around the base. I then gave it a good soaking drink of water.

I’ve planted tress and other things before, with mixed results. I really don’t know how this planting will turn out, but I have high hopes. I will do all I can to see that it flourishes. The proper amount of water and food will be my priorities. The rest is up to the little tree.

One day God planted a tree. I hope I don’t let Him down.



2 thoughts on “Planting A Tree

  1. My mind is racing with innumerable thoughts after reading this post.

    Simply sublime.

    It’s interpretation is both fluid and concrete at the same time.

    Forget that you actually did what you wrote, literally. Metaphorically, I can see this as nothing but TREVOR: a man discovers something beautiful, but in the most inopportune dynamics and elects to transplant it to a more overt and fertile ground where God willing, he may see it flourish to a mature and healthy beautiful symbol of life.

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