Knight Not-So-Much

Knight Not-So-Much
By Trevor

Her champion
I once
Fought in honor

Her knight
I once
Patrolled in integrity

Her companion
I once
Was trusted with her life

Champion forfeited fight
Knight deserted post
Companion misused trust

Damsel in distress
Where oh where
Will her knight be found again?

From a battle unknown
From a land unseen
A battered figure stumbles

He hobbles from the mist
And the fog of the battle’s fire
And falls at her threshold defeated

His armor not as it was
Now it lacks protection
As it bares his vulnerability

Heart bruised

His failure is too terrible to view

Her love is too wonderful for words

She calls for help
The answer from the Divine
And he is lifted from the aftermath

Wounds cared for
And both
Are healing

Nourished souls
And both
Are rebuilding

Champion back in the ring – training
Knight back on the route – protecting
Companion back in the heart – staying

He will prove strong
He will prove valiant
He will prove faithful

Time will pass
Healing will happen
Life will blossom

A tale to believe
A true story
Of forgiveness



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