Lights and Shadows

In a recent online discussion, someone posed the question regarding what they are “afraid of.” I simply responded – “our shadow.” It was a response that garnered no replies, probably because I left it at that and didn’t elaborate. It was too vague.

Setting aside the technological tricks that allow us to perfect images and play image trickery, the fact is that shadows can only show the lines of the object that is blocking the light. There are some differences based on angles, etc, but in its purest form, it still is fairly simple.

In my faith community, there are some very energetic conversations happening. As you can imagine, the voices are strident and polarized. In some of these issues, denominational leaders have taken steps to harden the lines of the conversation. I would suggest that they have done so because they are afraid of the shadow that is being cast by the form of local congregations. They are attempting to change the shape, to play photoshop wizard/light & shadow magician. They want to hide reality by casting clouds to diffuse the light.

Some individuals are afraid of the pure shadow they cast. They add layers, take off layers, and throw up all kinds of objects to deflect the light between themselves and the light source. They don’t like the way they look, so they try all kinds of superficial things to make themselves look better.

Lasting exterior change can only come from a lasting interior change.

For the last several weeks I have felt much better. I haven’t “arrived” yet, but my spirit has been lighter and my mind has been more positive. And the telltale sign of that internal change is that my old friend laughter is showing up again from time to time. It isn’t a hiding laughter, but a genuine heartfelt laughter. It is a more joyous experience of life. As I live in the light of day, the clearer those light rays hit me, the fewer distractions I allow to exist between the light and me, the more clearly defined my shadow will become. As I move out the clutter, I become better defined. My pure shadow is a direct result of my pure relationship with the light.

Me and my shadow.



One thought on “Lights and Shadows

  1. It saddens me to think that we still live in a society where we are made to fear our inner-self so much so that we end up fearing our own shadow. But you are right: Lasting exterior change can only come from a lasting interior change.

    We need to love and accept our children so they may love and accept themselves. Maintain a connection and engagement to ensure society’s grasp doesn’t instill fear in our children.

    And this can only be done in leading by example. Live in the light. Love the shadow you cast.

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