My Name

It was freaking uncanny!

It sent chills down my spine!

Coincidence or a God thing?

When i got in the car to go to work today, the station my radio was tuned to was playing a song titled “He Knows My Name.” When the song was over the DJs started talking (which I hate on a music station…I mean, if I want to hear talk I’ll tune in to a talk radio station…but I digress) and so i changed the station. Would you believe that the second station was playing the exact same song? Ok, so that’s uncanny. Here comes the freaky part. When I got in my car to leave work and head home 9 hours later, the radio station was playing the same song again!

Yeah, chills!

Names have meaning. It could be that the name is handed down from generation to generation and it holds intrinsic meaning. It could be that the name has some specific tribal meaning, or biblical meaning. Whatever our names are, we are that person. We wouldn’t be right if we were something else. In the midst of all that we are, all that has happened to us, all that we have chosen to be, all that we have failed at, all that we have succeeded at…you are you. And I am me.

That is our name.

In biblical terms, when a person’s name is used it is speaking of one’s person. It’s not a label, or a name tag, or a title. It’s the person. In the song that I’ve included below, Francesca Battistelli sings of God knowing my name. That means he knows the real me. The husband, father, grandfather, gay, Christ-follower me. And guess what, I’m OK with that. You want to know what’s even more important? God is OK with that.

I’m a big deal to God.

And so are you!



2 thoughts on “My Name

  1. What a beautiful song; thanks for sharing. The verses are really intriguing. I can see how that song prompted your post.

    The only exposure to “Christian music”, besides Amy Grant in the 90’s was from a co-worker who played children’s Christian music in her car. And to this day I can’t get one song out of my head:
    “Jesus is the light, He’s the light.
    Jesus is the light that shineth in me.”

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  2. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    There are some really meaningful christian songs out now that go past the “pie in the sky” mentality. I tend to gravitate to the edgier side.


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