Can I Buy You A Beer?

It’s a friendly place in the basement of an old building on a busy street. Sitting at the beautiful wooden bar is a smattering of people chatting and enjoying a cold one. The door opens and in steps a regular. Everyone looks in the direction of the opening door and says…

Recently, my wife enjoyed some meaningful conversation, laughter, and just good company of a very close friend. It was empowering and healing for her. As I was thinking about her evening of fun, my mind went to Cheers. The cast of characters that made that show funny will always remain memorable.

But more importantly to me, it was what happened in that place that really grabbed my attention.

Long before the days of social media, people spent time in personal presence with each other. As much as I enjoy my outlets and connections on electronic social avenues, what I really need and want is people who will invest time and their own personal space and let me in. I suspect that if we are all honest, that is what we all want and need. We need someone to share a cold one, or a cup of coffee, or a ride in the countryside, or an afternoon fishing together…someone who will give us them. Someone who will look us in the eye…hold our hand…put an arm around our shoulders…hug us tight…laugh and cry with us…just simply – and powerfully – be there. Someone who is not there to simply commiserate, but who lifts us up and speaks truth into our hearts and minds.

It is called community.

Not only is that what I want and need, it is what I must be for my friend.

So, you thirsty?



2 thoughts on “Can I Buy You A Beer?

  1. Coincidently this is exactly what I was feeling of late. And you are right, nothing online/electronic replaces the physical need to be part of a community. So this past weekend, my rendezvous at Cheers landed me in a two day hang-over, the likes of which will be a future, comical post.

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