Who Are You?

One question.

Simple, but not simplistic.

Direct, yet open-ended.

I think, if so limited, this would be the one question I would ask someone to determine if I could be friends with them. I enjoy hearing other people’s life stories. As they tell their stories, I get to know them. Empathetic and sympathetic discoveries are made with my hearing. Of course, it is all dependent upon if the person goes past an “I’m Joe Blow” response. And it is similarly dependent upon my ability to be open and interested in hearing them out.

If someone wants to be my friend and I sense they are sincere on really hearing about the real me, I’ll tell them in the hope of gaining a new friend. Then the ball is in their court.

By reading my blog posts, you can hear me tell my stories, and in that sense I’m telling you who I am.

So…who are you?


This blog sparked this post.


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