Life is full of seasonal changes. This blog asks about our experiences during Autumn. There are many.

My wife has this favorite coffee that she can only get this time of year. She expectantly starts talking about it and looking for it weeks in advance of it’s expected arrival on the store shelf. Her face is aglow with excitement when she brews and indulges in the first cup of the season. She is in coffee heaven!

On a more abstract level, our lives encounter many difference seasons and changes.

My marriage is experiencing the hot and dry days of a summer season. There are occasional showers that bring relief, but generally we are longing for Autumn as a time of hauling away the dead stuff that we are cutting through and eventually a Spring that will usher in a whole new time of healthy growth.

I admit that I tend to be too pessimistic, which causes me to miss out on and enjoy some of the simple things of life.

I think I’ll ask her if she would like to share a cup of coffee.


2 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. Funny that, I was about to make the coffee suggestion milliseconds before I read your closing line. I mean if it puts her in such a giddy mood, why not stock up on it? Not her, you. Purchase half a dozen extra bags of coffee, hide them away where you know she will not look. Cease the day when she least expects it, when she’s feeling down, when she could really use a cup of coffee. BAMM! Instant Hero!


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