Say What??

Have you ever heard your recorded voice talking back to you? I have…it’s kinda odd. There are reasons why that is so…it has something to do with the way the sound waves interact with your ear drum and vibrations through the skull…yeah – you can Google it for yourself. At any rate, we think we sound different than what we really do.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and thought that they didn’t know how they sounded?

Like the racist relative…the workmate that has nothing positive to say about anything…the person who continually rehashes their perspective on what’s wrong with the world…the person who continually wants to rule everyone else’s world…the bigot…the braggart…the hypocrite…the judgmental religious zealot…etc. We hope they don’t realize how bad they sound. We cringe, we are embarrassed for them. We apologize to those who may have stepped into the path of the vitriol. We sigh and chalk it up to the way they are. It seems hopeless that they will ever change.

These people are real big downers. I call them happy suckers…they suck the happy out of whatever space on this planet that they happen to be occupying at any given moment. You find yourself trying to avoid them, biting your tongue to a bloody pulp, or popping pills to fight the stress headache they create.

When they start in with all their crap, you just want to say…”Say what?? Really?!?”

Most often, I want to say to them – “Excuse me. Do you realize your stupid is showing?”




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