It’s 9:30 am. I work a late shift, so I’m trying to get my eyes to cooperate with my brain that says I’m awake now.  I used to be a morning person…not so much anymore. Then it dawns on me.

What in the heck happened during the last 8 hours while I was sleeping? It’s like a whole different atmosphere/environment/world. I went to bed in a good frame of mind, and now it seems like I’ve stepped off the edge into the abyss. Or was pushed. This is more than just waking up on the wrong side of the bed. I’m not in a bad mood. I’m just “struggling” to keep the right perspective on life.

12:30 pm – I’ve cleaned some carpet, gone to the grocery store, gotten ready for work, and eaten my lunch. Life’s humdrum. On the way back from the store, my mind goes to memories that I’m trying real hard to forget. It’s like I had moved on, then I had that dream the other night…and now I remember all over again. All of it. And, I’m still there. Trying hard to move past it…again. Have you ever been there?

It is really amazing how the human brain works. Just when we think we have it all together something throws us for a loop. A song, a conversation, a person…a dream.

Just gotta do what needs to be done today. Stuff the crap.


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