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I’ve been doing yard work today…some landscaping. It’s a beautiful fall day, 58 degrees, slight breeze, warm sunshine with a cloudless sky. Perfect weather to be outside working without working up too much of a sweat. Mowed the yard, trimmed, trimmed a tree, and gave some bushes their fall cut-back. Some of that is regular maintenance that needs to be done weekly, other periodically, and some other only seasonally. But no matter the schedule, it needs to be done if one wants their little peace of terra firma to stay looking nice. It means hauling away the clippings. This I enjoy.

It is truly amazing how I can grow hair in places I don’t want or need it, but I can’t grow it on top of my head. So, every few days I have to trim back all the wild and woolly sprigs that sprout and begin to take root…in the ears, in the nose…you know. Well, maybe you don’t. Anyway, it has to be done if I don’t want to start looking like the woolly mammoth. It’s my very limited version of man-scaping. It means cleaning up the sink and counter after my little trim job. This I don’t enjoy.

I’m learning to do some mind-scaping, as well. There is a whole lot of crap in my brain and life experiences that I’m processing. I’m standing back and looking intently at it…taking it in…seeing what is out of place, what looks good, what needs to go totally, what needs to stay as-is, and what needs just a little trim. Things about my childhood. Things about my faith. Things about my family. Things about my work. Things about my hopes and dreams (yeah, at my age i still have them!). Things about my fears. It means hauling that crap to the dump. Ah…but that’s so much easier said than done. It is not nearly as quickly completed as the yard or the hair jobs. It takes time, and whole lot more effort, and much more pain.

The thing about scaping – whether it be land, man, or mind – you create a new version of the “land” that you previously saw. Now it’s changed. Maybe not drastically, but it’s still different. It’s still the same yard, trees, bushes, man…but now it looks transformed. Sometimes the scaping is slight, sometimes it is rather severe. In either case, it is necessary to maintain and improve what is being cared for.

As you know, as you read my previous posts, that some of this scaping of mine has been rather aggressive, some more subtle. Just like you, i want to look presentable…even good.

It’s all necessary.

– Trevor


One thought on “Scaping

  1. New growth can only come in Fuller & heartier when “regular maintenance ” takes place…sometimes severe pruning is needed to stimulate that new growth. Yes it is painful…but yes, it is necessary. May your mind-scape continue to be re-designed & re-structured & renewed!



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