Friendly With Monsters

WARNING: If your sensibilities tend to be offended, you should stop reading now.

“I’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed
Get along with the voices inside of my head”  – Eminem (The Monster)

One of my friends says that she needs a traffic cop in her head to keep all the thoughts going in the right direction. I, too, experience that…all the time.

Here are a few examples:

  • You just don’t get it.
  • How could I be so freaking stupid?
  • I love her so much.
  • So this is why people lose their mind when subjected to sensory deprivation.
  • Really? After all this time, I had to dream about him.
  • Stop expecting me to instantly be something I’ve never been.
  • My world would end if I lost them.
  • Maybe I shouldn’t have been born.
  • Where in hell was God all those times I prayed?
  • Being gay does not mean that I’m interested in wearing pink and raping little boys.
  • Living in constant fear is killing me. I wonder how many years this will steal off of my life?
  • Until you deal with the demons in my head, just stop telling me what “the solution” is.
  • Yes, I did it…I’m guilty…I know that! You can stop saying it any time now.
  • Do some research. And, something other than what originates from the extreme conservative mindset.
  • Run. Leave. Die. Stay. Fight.
  • I’m destined to be no happier the last half of my life as i was the first.
  • It would be nice to hear positive encouragement. Celebrate the baby steps.
  • What kind of chance do we realistically have?
  • I’d love to take a ball bat to those who did that to me.
  • Stop expecting perfect performance. I’m freaking trying!
  • Gotta embrace the losses, no matter my choice.
  • I’m sorry.
  • Please don’t give up on me.
  • Made it through yesterday just fine. Now to conquer today.
  • Be alive right now…in this moment.

“‘Cause I need an interventionist
To intervene between me and this monster
And save me from myself and all this conflict
‘Cause the very thing that I love’s killing me and I can’t conquer it
My OCD’s conking me in the head
Keep knocking, nobody’s home, I’m sleepwalking
I’m just relaying what the voice in my head’s saying
Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just friends with the
I’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed
Get along with the voices inside of my head” – Eminem (The Monster)

And that’s the PG version.

– Trevor


6 thoughts on “Friendly With Monsters

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    • See, this is why we need each other. Someone who understands without the first impulse being to send us to a therapist to “fix” us. After all, not everything going on in our heads that they don’t want there, are we so anxious to exile. 😉

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